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Ever thought about starting a blog?

November 26, 2008

Ever thought about starting a blog, but did not know how, where, what…?

Here is a site with a nice name Irish Blogger, where you not only can start and write your blog, but will also receive friendly support on how to do what.

Simply go to, and you will be blogging within minutes!!!


Alan Shortall from Unilife

October 9, 2008

Alan Shortall has a new blog as well.

Irish SEO Consultant

October 9, 2008

I have been lazy, I admit, and haven’t done much with this blog. Every beginning isn’t easy! 🙂

But then again I did write quite regularly on my Irish SEO Consultant Blog.

SEO Ireland – Blog

March 30, 2008

SEO Ireland

 The first blog post is allways a bit funny. Most people just write someting like:

SEO Ireland – My first blog post!

So let me try to be a bit more original here…

 Or lets leave beeing original to some other blog post on SEO Ireland blog….